Martyn Jones

Strategist, enterprise information architect, leader and coach

Martyn Jones Strategy

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Cami de Santa Llucia
Dénia, Alacant, Spain


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About MeMartyn Jones Strategy

I am a leading strategist, manager and coach, closely involved in key aspects of organisational strategy, behavioural economics, energy, environment, governance, planning, project management, and information architecture and management. I am also actively engaged in nurturing and promoting knowledge economies, collaborative networks and learning communities.

I maintain a keen interest in environmental and climate change issues, and the processes, structures and politics of complex multi-party negotiations.

My client list includes small and large organisations, both private and public, at regional, national and global levels.

My knowledge and experience in these areas of propfessional life has enriched my life, and my hope is that they will do the same for you.

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Yours strategically, Martyn.