Martyn Jones

Strategist, enterprise information architect, leader and coach


Martyn is a strategist, leader and coach offering a number of tailored services for senior executives and organisational representatives.

In addition, Martyn offers  a selection of key services that focus on addressing key areas of failure in organisations.


Martyn can assist and coach your team in turbo-charging the analysis, formulation, design, choice and execution of organisational strategy and enterprise data and information architecture in areas such as 4th generation data warehousing, enterprise data hubs, data lakes, big data, dark data, business intelligence artificial intelligence and structured intellectual capital.

Martyn makes any “Datam Information, Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence” programme or project truly yours. He will define objectives, reality and options moving forward. This service is another high-value, no holds barred professional consulting engagement, one that looks at facts, evidence and the ‘truths’, analyses what there is, defines and plans what needs to be done, and tells it like it is.

Martyn can help you with his formidable knowledge of Data Warehouse strategy, management and architecture.


Let me effectively manage your Data Integration, Data Architecture, Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence project or programme.

Let me help you in setting up the Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Management team.

Let me guide you in formal planning of the Data Warehouse programme / project, highlighting deliverables, people and resources.


Martyn is ideally placed to take the leadership in the reimagining, reengineering, realigning, replacing and restarting of your Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence initiative, programme or project.

Special Projects

Martyn is open to discuss any additional requirements that you may have. Naturally, full confidentiality and maximum discretion is maintained regarding all contacts, insight and information interchanged.

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